Art Against Covid

We want to make an impact in these times of crisis by supporting artists and individuals in need simultaneously. 

Full transparency is important to us! 

We have donated all profits for 6 month in 2020 to Children for a better World e.V.. Solely costs that are connected to paying the artists and running the ArtForce were covered by purchases. 

The ArtForce wants to kindly thank the following individuals who have been contributing through their generous purchases to the impactful donations: 

Johanna Otten

Alexandra Holzwarth

Maximilian Riegler

Antonia Volhard

Kerstin Riegler

Klaus Riegler

Istvan Laszloffy

Charlotte Reimelt

Stephan Reimelt

Violetta Popov

Sabine Schlüter

Tobias Schmollack

Viktor Seibert 

Flora Seibert


We are also thrilled that some of our artists donated some of their works to the ArtForce: 

Josephina Elverfeldt